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CNOC2 Meeting, Germany - May 2007

Salzburg, Part I

Again, I start with one of the last pictures from my trip, looking out across a park toward the fortress. The green domes of Salzburg Cathedral can be seen over the tops of the other buildings.

I arrived by train, the station of which was on the northern end of the city. I proceeded south toward the fortress, since everything I wanted to see was down that way, and crossed the Salzach River.

...taking pictures of pretty buildings along the way.

Like so many other buildings on my trip, the front of the Salzburg Cathedral (Salzburger Dom) was being renovated. Thankfully, the entire front wasn't covered. The first Dom was finished in 774, though it has been added to, remodeled, razed, and/or replaced several times since (especially after a shell destroyed the main dome in WWII).

The interior was unbelievable. Everything seemed either carved or painted with exquisite detail.

The main section of the organ. How I would've loved to hear it play.

The interior of the main dome, a white dove symbolizing Christ gracing the very center.

Alcoves to each side were dedicated to many different people/saints. I paid a few cents and lit my own little candle.

Beneath were the catacombs, labeled in Latin. (At least I could read the dates.)

St. Peter's graveyard, which people could amble through.

Crosses on gravestones in front of the cathedral. (There I go trying to be artistic again.)

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