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CNOC2 Meeting, Germany - May 2007

Konigssee, Part I

The colors of Germany. Gorgeous.

Still on our way to our "Bank Holiday" spot. Alas, this was the best view I ever got of this mountain (called Watzmann). If I remember correctly, there are seven peaks in all: a cruel king's family whom God punished by turning them to stone.

Pictures like this don't need words.

The lake, from the front of our hotel. The water is very clear; the green color comes from limestone runoff.

The front of Hotel Schiffmeister, where we stayed. Look closely and you can see Jennifer. She had half of that whole balcony to herself. If you're ever at Konigssee, this is a great place to stay. And believe it or not, it's cheap (I think we paid about 60 euro for one night).

Waterfall near the beginning of our trip across the lake.

St. Bartholoma monastery. It had a beautiful chapel.

Water falling from a block of melting snow off in the distance. At a specific spot on the lake, sound echoes almost perfectly. One of the drivers got out a flugelhorn and played for a few minutes, stopping periodically to let us listen to the echo. I was amazed at how clear it sounded; it was as if some other guy was playing across the lake toward us. That day it only echoed once; they say if you're in the right spot, it can echo up to seven times.

The lake is incredibly clean (as is the rest of Germany), and they've kept it that way by limiting the boat traffic to electric or paddle only.

Looking back on the monastery with an imposing cliff behind.

At the end of the 7.7 km lake, we got off and proceeded to hike to the next little lake. That little path up the mountain cliff, there? Not ours. :-]

I had to take a funny picture, of course. We were laughing at the "guy spanking the deer." I think it's supposed to mean, "Don't harrass the animals, even for a picture."

A small stream connects the two lakes.

We passed through a section of forest that seemed more dry swamp than Alpine, but it was still beautiful.

A closeup of the waterfall across the lake.

And finally, the splendor that is Obersee.

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