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Kitt Peak National Observatory, 2005

Kitt Peak National Observatory lies southwest of Tucson about 45 minutes or so, and it's home to over 20 telescopes.

The solar telescope.  It extends about 200 ft above ground and another 300 ft below ground (i.e. 500 ft from the primary mirror to the secondary mirror).

This is just a great indication of the size of this thing.  (Check out the picnic table.)

The primary mirror of the telescope, along with a weather station and couple other things I don't remember anything about.  The mirror was covered at the time.

Tertiary mirror.  Light comes in from the top, hits the primary mirror, comes down this passageway, bounces off the secondary mirror, and then comes back to this mirror, which reflects the light down to the observing room.

A '60s era control panel in the observation room.  (I wonder where James Bond is?)

One of the giant spectrometers in the observation room.

This is the 2.1-meter telescope.  Note the white circle on the left used for taking blank images for calibration.  The telescope is polar-aligned, which I thought was amazing for a telescope of this size.

A view toward the southwest at a peak I can't remember the name of.  The grad students have their own name for it, which I will not mention here.

The view to the east-south-east from near the Solar Telescope.  The two peaks just below the cumulous cloud are Mt. Wrightson and Mt. Hopkins, the latter being home to the Whipple Observatory.


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