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First Feeding Frenzy

On September 30, 2006, I brought home a new addition to this crazy apartment: Irulan, the baby ball python. She was about 18 inches long and just as cute as can be. I neglected to ask the breeder when she had been fed last, so I decided to wait a week before feeding her for the first time (plus, I'd read it is best to give them a while to adjust to their new home). Turns out ball pythons can be finnicky eaters, so I brought home two fuzzies (key word for baby mice just big enough to have fur) and crossed my fingers!

And so began the first feeding frenzy.

Step 1: Get empty tank. (Ten gallon, in this case.)

Step 2: Get fuzzies.

Step 3: Get snake.

Step 4: Mix empty tank, fuzzy #1, and snake. Do not stir.

I missed her grabbing the first one. Managed to come back in time for this, though. I had learned not long before that pythons are constrictors.

I did get to see her nab fuzzy #2, though. Man, she's fast! In the time it took me to flinch, she had grabbed the fuzzy and wrapped herself around it. Wow.

So now we have How to Eat a Fuzzy.

Step 1: Get fuzzy.

Step 2: Maneuver fuzzy to proper eating position.

Step 3: Find fuzzy head.

Step 4: Begin doing that wacky bendy-head unhinge-jaw thing.

Step 5: Continue wacky bendy-head unhinge-jaw thing.

Step 6: Tilt head back to minimize gulping time.

Don't forget that pesky tail!

*Furby voice* Done!

And if you're still not satisfied, scroll up quickly to see what the reverse process looks like.


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