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Night-Blooming Cereus - June 13, 2006

The Night-Blooming Cereus is a cactus that blooms only one night out of the entire year. (Yep, it only blooms at night.)

A group of us went at around 11:00 pm to a nearby botanical garden of sorts on the night the cacti were predicted to be blooming, and sure enough, they all were. (Well, I think I saw a whole one bud that had not opened.) This particular cereus was on a display table and had the most flowers of any plant I saw all night.

This is the only picture (posted) where I used the flash. It's pretty much just here to show the actual colors of the cacti and flowers. The cactus is about an inch or so across, and the blossoms are about five to six inches across.

The rest of the pictures, like this one, were taken using either a bike light or a random little one-LED squeeze light that a couple people had. (We sort of forgot about the "it's dark at night" thing, so none of us had flashlights.)

Legend states that each blossom smells slightly different. (Some people said they'd encountered flowers that smelled like peanut butter.) So, of course, I sniffed a lot of flowers that evening. It didn't feel so much like smelling flowers as it did pollinating via nose hair.

I was amazed at the variety even amidst the individual flowers. Some had narrow, pointed petals...

...and some had wide, blunted petals. (Hey, we spent an hour looking at random cactus flowers, so don't blame me about noticing insane little details!)

I put this picture up if for no other reason than it gives the flower a bit of a creepy, ghostly vibe. (And because it was one of the clearest pictures I took....)

This one is probably my favorite....   :-]


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