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Purdue Quotes

- - - Purdue Summer Start - - -

"Sherbert isn't headgear!" --- Nathan

"We went from Stonehenge to Ode to a Curly Fry." --- Andrea

"You just screwed up the transcendation!" --- Bill

"Here comes the partial hot dog bun to save the day!" --- Andrea

[really excited voice] "Today, I got to bring the captain a doughnut!!!" --- Andrea

"I snarfed up a phlegm wad that had a name and tasted like boogies!" --- Andrea and I

- - - General Purdue Quotes - - -

"It looks like my Nazgul is beckoning a can of Easy Cheese. Sauron must be searching for the cheese, and he sent his nine to find it...." --- Ian

"Stop stroking your Nazgul." --- Sean

"You're like a human jukebox!" --- a student to a prof who would randomly burst into song 

"Dude, it looks like some spaceships ran into your tree." --- Andrea

"Ways to know you're a geek: you start referring to everyone else as 'the normal people.' " --- Andrea

"My chocolate fondue has turned into a chocolate fondoodoo." --- Andrea

[Speaking of an awful-looking, half-melted puddle of a cookie found on the sidewalk] "The chocolate slid off my apple." --- Andrea

"I have The Complete Idiot's Guide to Dummies." --- unknown (Sean?)

"They did Macbeth like COPS. 'We're investigating the disappearance of the Burnam Wood. It appears to have run off.' " --- Sean

"The problem with the Superbowl is that they keep interrupting it with football." --- Ray

"The pencil is mightier than his pants!" --- Ray

"I know I'm at an engineering university when a guy comes up to me and asks, 'Would you like to test the spring coefficient of my bed...?' " --- Danaca

"So, what do you think is going to be on our impossible quiz today?"
" 'What is the meaning of life? Derive from electric field.' "

"Ben, you're a good person...in your own frame of reference...." --- Brandon

Ben: "What did we do??"
Andy: "We broke physics!"
Ben: "Again?"

Ben [whiney voice]: "I don' wanna do Fourier's trick! I don' wanna don' wanna don' wanna!"
Andy: "You will do Fourier's trick, and you will like it!"

"If my pizza toppings gave me the answer to a physics problem, I'd believe them!" --- Steve

SPS Board: "I have too much blood in my caffeine system."

"I don't like the back of the book. The back of the book always makes me wrong." --- Ian

[before a PHYS 410 exam] "...dreaming of...death by Poisson-ing..." --- Ian

[before the same PHYS 410 exam, which happened to fall on Halloween] "How many pirates does it take to pass a 410 exam?"

[on the SPS board]
"I will not spend SPS's money on magic beans.
"I will not spend SPS's money on magic beans.
"I will not spend SPS's money on magic beans[...]" --- Ben

[while doing PHYS 430] "Dude, you're gettin' a del!" --- Ian

"Ramdas invented the world...." --- Gene

[while reading a quantum mechanics book and doing the motions] "Swish and flick...swish and flick...." --- Josh

"Sleep tight. Don't let the B field bite." --- Katharine

[about the physics GRE] "It's not so bad; it's like shoving pencils up your nose." --- Ben

"Modern lab's like having your intestines caught in a ceiling fan." --- Adam

"What do you think SPS's profits are really going to? LEPRECHAUN RESEARCH." --- Brandon Hogan

"Does anyone in this room know the resistivity of sticky tape?" --- Ben

Brandon: "The three best things in Canada are Canadian bacon, mounties, and milk that comes in bags."
Ben: "Milk in bags? Milk isn't supposed to come in bags! It's supposed to come in a cardboard carton...or maybe a plastic jug! You'd never see me walking around with my milk in a Wal-Mart bag!"

"Are we supposed to write our name and stuff on [the scantron exam sheet]?" [pause] "I'll assume so...." --- annoying guy in HIST 102

"[the G-Man] is really pretty funny, but you don't want him to be...because it makes him seem kind of human." --- Ian

"Just write 'Badger badger badger = E.' " --- Martin

[while listening to a techno song with dolphin-like sound effects]
David: "Sounds like dolphins."
Christian: "It sounds like a cat in a well."
Me: "It's Schrodinger's cat."
Christian: "...in an infinite potential well!"

"They're all linear combinations of happiness." --- Chris

"Skeletor does not equal muffins." --- Ryan

[looking at my quantum homework] "Heh heh. Heh heh. This isn't real." --- Jim

Me: "Kids. Kids! Kids!!!! KIDS!!!!!"
Jim: "That's why we have tasers."

"Significant fidgets!" --- Ian

[in a creative writing class]
Fabi: "Why do you have math equations on the back of your shirt?"
Me: "They're physics equations. I'm a physics major."
Fabi: "Aaaah! You're scary!"

[Ben and Brandon debate a famous scientist first-person shooter game]
"Super-Gaussian surface attack!"
"Ben Schrodinger puts you in a box. 50% chance of instant death!"

"I just made the minus sign disappear. It's in the trunk of some car that I drove off a bridge." --- David

- - - Univ. of Rochester (summer 2003) - - -

"This is TeX, Version 3.14159." --- one of the computers

"More photons means I can see the ball better." --- Stephanie

"Isn't this a clever filename? Data.dat." --- Joel

"In Paramount's The Core , the Earth's iron core suddenly stops rotating. Where did all the angular momentum go? It went straight to England, where Isaac Newton is turning in his grave." --- Yu

"I had some quality time with a digital oscilloscope." --- Aimee

Prof: "I started taking physics classes because I had to anyway [...] and I just didn't stop...."
Aimee: "Muah ha ha ha!"

Aimee: "Uh, that's my sheep you're squishing...."

- - - CfA REU (summer 2004) - - -

"You sell pigeons?" --- guy to McDonald's employee in Boston train terminal

Linda: "[Eating] Chocolate?"
Me: [nod]
Linda: "Keeping away dementors?"

"Smells like impalement!" --- Cecelia

"WHERE'S MY GAUSSIAN?!?" --- David

"I don't understand! Does the galaxy say, 'I have gas! Come hit me!'?" --- guy at optical/IR paper discussion, pondering a graph that shows colliding galaxies have more gas than normal galaxies

Me: [laugh] "Cece's playing with a rock."
Ryan: "Well, I was playing with a sheared-off lightpost. You see something on the ground and you just have to play with it with your foot."

"Holy &^%$#@! I thumbtacked myself to the board!" --- Cecelia

"Nothing spells romance like squirrel [crap] and fiberglass." --- Cecelia

Joey: "Is this one of those 'Abandon hope, all ye who enter' situations?"
Jonathan: "Well...that was really when you showed up here...."

Linda: "Is my computer okay?"
Cecelia: "Well, I dropped it five times and I kicked it. I think so."

"I like having a nice, pregnant advisor." --- Megan

"I did a quick search of your own spam file and am guessing that the subject of the 'missing' mail was 'CHEESECAKE!!!!' " --- CfA syshelp person

- - - AAS Meeting (Jan. 2005) - - -

"Will you hobble with me?" --- Ryan

[I can't remember any more of our funny quotes, and I can't find my quote sheet!! *cries*]


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