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High School Quotes

"Sorry, an unknown error has occured. This is probably a bad thing." --- crappy Mac in one of the computer labs

"What kind of classroom is this anyway? It doesn't have a dictionary!" --- Dave

Speaking of being in a lake too long: "Won't you get raisinized?" -- Renae

"Instead of The little Engine that Could, it should've been The Little Engine that Could Differentiate." --- Mr. Hartke

"Mike wasn't playin', he was singin'. Or attempting to." --- Brad

"Aztec!" --- Mrs. Houlton

Susanna: "Did you sample the native drink?"
Jaime: "I thought you were going to say 'women'!"

"You've come full circle now. In kindergarden, you napped after lunch, and now in twelfth grade you still nap after lunch!" --- Mr. Hartke

"...you will be asked to cough up a function..." --- Mr. Hartke

"I don't want to cut my underwear up!" -- Jaime

"But I can't see up your nose!" -- Jen

"Once your legs are sqeezed together and you're ready to pop, then I'll let you go." --- Mrs. Houlton

"...holding [a paper] out like a sacrifice to the tray god." --- Mrs. Houlton

"Here's a cheap example..." --- Mr. Hartke

"Here's a semi-pretty picture of that..." --- Mr. Hartke

"Do you see that brown shoe over there? Could you throw that back, please? Aim at Paul." --- Gretchen

"She was the squeakier wheel, but you'll both get some grease." --- Mr. Hartke

"You are violating the integrity of the equal sign." --- Mr. Hartke

"Look! It's a ravaging protazoa with straight-line winds and quarter-inch hail!" --- Kerry


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