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101 Fun Things to do in a Dorm Room

Unfortunately, we never quite made it to 101. Guess we didn't do as many weird things as we should have. Still, I find the list at least semi-impressive.

1. Annoy stupid cicada killers that get stuck between the window and the screen.
2. Leave mysterious sticky notes on your floor.
3. Leave mysterious sticky notes on other floors.
4. Leave mysterious sticky notes in other dorms.
5. Watch Star Trek every night.
6. Laugh at the “dancing biscuit” whose lips don’t move!
7. Tribble fight!
8. Pillow fight!
9. Stay up until the wee hours of the morning laughing at nothing.
10. Staring at your roommate with strange objects (retainers, gummy sharks included) in your mouth.
11. Make stupid recordings of yourself saying, “Dude!”
12. Fun with jell-o.
13. Get dorm food just to make fun of it.
14. Stereo wars.
15. Sound effects.
16. See how much electronic equipment can be run in your room without blowing a fuse.
17. Sleepwalk.
18. Badminton ping-pong in the hallway at two a.m.
19. Coat your room with glow-in-the-dark stars.
20. Leave mysterious messages on mirrors.
21. Leave mysterious messages on mirrors in Klingon.
22. Leave mysterious messages on other people’s dry erase boards.
23. Try to catch gummy sharks in your mouth.
24. Throw badminton birdies at each other.
25. Throw gummy sharks at each other.
26. Fun with retainers!
27. TP your roommate’s side of the room.
28. When you have a roommate who can’t sleep if there’s ANY light at all, spell out “Can’t sleep?” in glow-in-the-dark stars right above her head.
29. Two words: spontaneous photography!
30. Wait until your roommate’s doing homework, then turn on her favorite TV show.
31. Engage in fun and interesting science experiments...with the food in your fridge.
32. Open the windows, close the windows, open the windows....
33. Cover your roommate’s desk with sticky notes.
34. Name your computer “I don’t know.”
35. Try to see how many playing cards you can throw into a trash can.
36. Cover the ceiling with glow-in-the-dark stars and make up your own constellations.
37. See how many movies you can watch on TV at the same time.
38. Make up songs about your most-hated classes.
39. Record those songs.
40. Program your computer so it will spontaneously make noises in the middle of the night.
41. Easy cheese. Nazgul. Enough said.
42. Tribble basketball.
43. Tribble pong.
44. Have conversations with your roommate consisting entirely of grunts.
45. See if a little plastic dragon can swim in a cup of water.
46. Make entire space battles out of computer printouts of Star Trek ships. Be sure to put less-liked series’ ships in bizarre locations.
47. Discover just how many flavors those “Flavor Ice” things really come in.
48. Keep a tally of how many bugs have been found (and squashed) in the room.
49. See how many different kinds of mold can be grown in plastic baggies.
50. Tribble baseball (involving a ceiling fan).
51. Decorate a Christmas tree with random items. Be sure to include some items from the trash and laundry pile. (Partially-molded items a plus.)
52. Express any and all insanity on a dry erase board. Update it regularly. Take a picture of it before erasing. (Bonus for proudly displaying it on a public website.)
53. Buy some pet lizards and ad lib potential conversations. When lizards get boring, introduce crickets. Make sure the cricket voices are annoyingly high-pitched.
54. Watch aforementioned crickets get “drunk” in the water dish.
55. Make fun of Stumpy the wussy lizard.
56. Turn the freezer into an impending avalanche for your roomie.
57. Accidentally set off avalanche on yourself.
58. Listen to roomie laugh at you.
59. Find creative ways to transfer food from the stove to your plate across the kitchen. Remember Newton’s First Law.
60. Eavesdrop on the neighbors in the apartment below you and interject the occasional comment into their conversation.
61. Think of amusing ways to make Harry Potter say, “Ow.” Be sure to express these on the aforementioned dry erase board.
62. Randomly insert tribbles anywhere and everywhere.
63. Write stupid poetry about impossible homework that just happens to be due the next day…at midnight.
64. Spongebob proximity mines!
65. Make fun of Lucius’ purdy black bow!!!!!!!!!
66. Keep a tally of how many times Harry Potter comes up in dinner conversation.
67. TP the apartment. The entire apartment.
68. Dress up Furbies as Harry Potter characters. Display them like rare museum pieces.
69. Throw tribbles at the Evil Snowman.
70. Draw pictures of favorite fictional characters on the aforementioned dry erase board.
71. Use these characters as target practice for Nerf dart guns.
72. Two words: Bird Blastin’!!
73. Watch drunk partiers in the parking lot and ad lib amusing conversations. Be sure to make fun of their choice of location.
74. Hang a squeeze light keychain from the ceiling fan.
75. Frequently stop to bat at the squeeze light like a cat.
76. Take apart the squeeze light to see how it works. Don’t worry if you feel stupid after doing so (it really is that easy to make).


99. Spend hours doing all these things instead of doing homework.
100. Spend hours making this list instead of doing homework.
101. Spend hours reading this list instead of doing homework.


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