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Ravenclaw Quidditch Robes

Harry Potter elements copyright Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.
Harry Potter publishing rights copyright J. K. Rowling


I made this costume for the premiere of Prisoner of Azkaban in June 2004. The design is based on the Quidditch robes of the first two movies.

I had never made clothing quite to this extent before, so this was a first for me. I basically used my bathrobe as a template and just made the whole thing slightly bigger so the robes had more volume and so I would have more room to move around. I ended up making them much larger than necessary, but it's okay. The right and left sides of the front are separate pieces, the back is one piece, each sleeve is one piece looped to make a cylinder, and the hood is made of two halves sewn together. I used cheap cloth (like usual--I don't want to spend more than necessary either), so the ends tend to fray. I recommend curling the edges of the two different colors inside so that when the two are sewn together, the edges are between the two layers of cloth and are, therefore, nearly impossible to fray. The black string in front is actually one long shoelace, wound through holes poked in the fabric with cheap metal rings glued around the holes. (If you use a lot of glue here, the holes are less likely to fray.) I used a computer print-out of the Ravenclaw shield until I found an actual patch at a SF&F convention.

The pads, incredibly, were the most time-consuming part of the whole costume. All the pads are made with two layers of cloth sewn together, after which I turned them inside-out and sewed where I wanted the padded areas to be. I then used generic stuffing to stuff these parts of the pads and then hand-sewed them shut. I sewed velcro onto the underside of the pads so that I could easily take them on and off. (Always sew the "hook" side of the velcro to the inside, otherwise they will catch on anything and everything--even car seats!) The gloves are $1 brown jersey gloves with the same cloth I used for the pads sewn on and stuffed (I cut off the fingers first, of course). Again, I would recommend curling the edges of the cloth under so they don't fray (I'm having serious problems with my gloves fraying, as you can see from the images). I spent a long time online searching for good images of the pads to see what they looked like. I think my designs are pretty close, though I should've used a darker brown cloth. Images: Arm Pad (the wrist is to the right), Gloves, Knee Pad, Shin Pad.

I used the only brown shoes I have for this costume, as well as an old pair of khaki pants. I cut out a strip of the bronze cloth and pinned it to my blue turtleneck (which I also already had). And I managed to finally find some blue knee socks while in Boston that summer.

The only downside to this costume is the fact that it's incredibly hot. And the fact that I did not put the hook part of the velcro to the inside....

And that's it! I didn't win the sci-fi club costume contest that year, unfortunately, but that's okay. Kat deserved it. ;-] The kids at the zoo this year really seemed to like it, though, so that makes me happy.

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